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Tower of Ambriaz Character Sheet - Zeno Arcadis & Marchosias

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Name: Zeno Arcadis
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Class: Magician
Race: Human
Zeno comes from a long line of magicians from Sapphiras. As a magic prodigy, he was able to master several different forms of magic. When he heard the interesting rumors of the Tower of Ambriaz, he decided to challenge himself to find this legendary tower. He knew it would be hard to find alone, so he used his knowledge of summoning magic to find his demon companion, Marco.
Zeno has long, dark blonde hair in a ponytail and grey blue eyes. He wears a long purple robe with a black undershirt and grey trousers. He also carries a large mahogany wand about the size of his body, adorned with an amethyst on the top.

Name: Marco (Real name: Marchosias)
Gender: Male
Age: ~1200
Class: Warrior
Race: Demon
Marchosias is a demon from Rubias who is envious of the power of the angels. Bound by Zeno's summoning spell and intrigued by the rumors that the Tower holds a great power, Marchosias accompanied Zeno to find and conquer the elusive Tower of Ambriaz.
In his human form, Marchosias looks like a male in his early 20s with messy, pale brown hair of medium length and amber eyes. He wears a dark grey hooded cloak that covers his entire body, and he wields cesti (banded leather gloves) outfitted with blades in combat. When endangered, he will turn into his demonic form, which is that of a pale brown wolf with white wings. In this form, he is able to breathe fire.

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