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Tower of Ambriaz - "Ragna Zalaztor" & "Shadas Zalaztor"

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Name: Ragna Zalaztor
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Class: Warrior
Race: Demon
Together with his brother Shadas, Ragna lived in a small house in Rubias “the city of demons” being the far descendant of the Demon Lord he wields the blade of the family around him who repels their archenemies “Angels”.
He was however the only one of the brothers who inherited the Demon part of their father, the reason why is still yet unknown and maybe it’s better to be for their own sake.
Ragna always hung around with his big brother Shadas whom he called “Shay”, their bond was pretty good until the war broke out and Shadas left Rubias, so Ragna was all alone for 3 years.
One year after the war, Ragna decided to study the ancient tomes of Rubias to learn the history of their family and to maybe find the biggest treasure known to men, which was hidden in the “Tower of Ambriaz”.

Ragna has red long hair (something similar to Five from Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal) and has red eyes.
Furthermore Ragna carries a claymore on his back, which is forged with the
As for clothing, Ragna wears grey t-shirt (with the family crest on it) with a black longshirt under it.
Also Ragna has the crest of the Demon Lord on his chest drawn in eternal blood which will never fade, because him being the heir to the Demon Lord.

Name: Shadas Zalaztor
Nickname: Shay
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Class: Shapeshifter
Race: Human
Shadas as only human aside from his mom, he was being hated by the majority of the people around him for being a human in the land of Rubias.
At the age of 20, Shadas chose to leave the country of Rubias to escape from this land of Demons and Vampires and headed for Emeraldas where most of humanity lived.
At his time there, he asked someone to make a design on his hoodie in the shape of something he read in the “History of Ambriaz” which contained all kinds of legends and secrets about the 4th country “Ambriaz”.
Also he bought a mask with 2 eyeholes on it and furthermore just white, which he wore for the rest of his life along with blue lenses to cover his real eye color, the one he got from his Demon family.
Now Shadas is just happily living along the other humans here and reading about the mysteries in this world.

Shadas always wears a hoody and a mask in order to hide his face.
Shadas also has decently long hair (something similar to Lelouch)
He also wears blue lenses to cover his real eye color, which is red just in case his mask falls off.
His hoodie is black and it has sign on it whom an artist somewhere in the capital Emeraldas has designed for Shadas.
Furthermore he wears some dark grey/black jeans and finger-topless black gloves.

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